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Calculating MYRA [Jun. 15th, 2010|06:32 pm]
Project Myra - Creating a Virtual World With You


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There have been previous efforts to calculate MYRA, our world of fantasy - from the idea that one hex largely resembles 100 km from one side to the other, or 100 miles from one corner to the other, to the information given that the world Myra has three times the surface of the earth, ending at calculations of how thick Myra's mantle must be if with three times the surface and a hollow-world core Myra has more or less the same gravity pull on the outside as earth has.

Well, not ending there, because the effects of two moons and that white (or rather dark-red) elephant in the skies, that second 'sun', have been calculated as well, as far as was possible.

Well here now I present the mathematical formula to calculate MYRA - wothy of Robert Shea's Syllogisms in the Mathematics of Magic:

(Explanations and the graph if you click on the formula)